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The herb breathe freely!

(Pulmonaria officinalis)

Plants (Plantae)
Angiosperms (Magnoliphyta)
True dicots (Eudicots)
I Euasterids
Érdeslevelőek (Boraginaceae)
Fri officinalis


Popular names: speckled tüdőfűnek, dongófűnek, farkasmájfű, tüdőgálna, patikás tüdőír, dongóvirág, emberképű grass

Érdeslevelűek the family, shady forests, and in particular bükkösökben gyertyánosokban living perennial plant, which is 10 - 30 cm tall. Blooms from April to June, the flowers are tubular, red and blue color change soon. The plant is grown tőleveleit collected from June to August months.

The lungwort 10-30 cm tall, hardy, rough hairy. Usually leaves white spots, which make it instantly recognizable. The leaves are oblong, ovate, acuminate, with entire edges. The rigid szőröktől rough to the touch.

Flowers at the top of the stem branched inflorescences develop, characterized by an opening pink, and if the porzói felrepedtek, megkékülnek the petals.

Active ingredients:

* Minerals (10-15%)
* Kovasavszármazékok
* Nyálkaanyagok
* Flavonidok (kempferol, quercetin)
* Flavonidok the glycosides
* Cseranyag (4%)
Saponins *
* Plant sugars
* High vitamin C content
* Allantoin

The main active ingredient in the plant compound called allantoin, which is moisturizing and keratolytic effect, increasing the water content of the extracellular matrix, accelerating the exfoliation of the outer layers of dead skin, smooths the skin, promotes cell division and wound healing and skin protection and anti-inflammatory effect.

Usable parts:

* For him (Pulmonariae folium)
* A rare flowering, above-ground part (herba Pulmonariae).


* Tea
* Tincture

Tea: One tablespoon of quantity to cook for 5 minutes with 2 dl water, then filtered and slowly elkortyolgatni. Daily consumption of 2-3 cups of herbal teas has a significant improvement can be achieved. The tüdőfű tea is especially useful because it cleanses the lungs are damaged by the addiction.

Tincture: It is important to the alcohol-water extract, because the water just pirrolizidin alkaloid, is very soluble in alcohol. Internally, every day, after eating the main 1x21 drops, dissolved in water, 1 dl.

Lungwort gorgeous flowers

The physiological and therapeutic effects of tüdőfű:

Lung and upper respiratory tract:

* Diseases of respiratory origin, colds, bronchitis, because it is one of the most effective cough suppressant by nyálkatartalma
* Difficulty in breathing occurs (pressure, pain reduction)
* Additional treatment of pleurisy
* Alleviating bleeding in the lungs (under medical supervision)
* Alleviating asthma attacks
* Pleural and pericardial edema
* Bronchial vértolulásakor (under medical supervision)
* In case of laryngitis and pharyngitis solve the hurutokat
* Excruciating hoarseness (resulting from smoking)
* Additional treatment of throat polyps and fistula
* Nyálkatömlő obstruction and inflammation
* Stimulates the functioning of cilia in the bronchial tubes
* Pulmonary tuberculosis (under strict medical supervision)
Case of emphysema *
* Smokers légcsőbántalmaira
* Helps to quit smoking
* Fails to cough in the morning
* Additional treatment of lung cancer, reduce cell proliferation

More Applications:

* Inflammation of the intestinal mucosa,
* Inflammation of the stomach and intestine
* Öblögetőként also beneficial inflammation of mouth and pharynx

A synergistic herbal tüdőfű (with other herbs to the effective application):

* Thyme (Thymus vulgaris herba)
* Icelandic lichen (Cetraria islandica)
* Cickafarkfű (Achillea Millefolium)
* Horsetail (Equisetum arvanse)
* Plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
* Common mallow (Althaea officinalis)
* Sage (Salvia officinalis)


Since the respiratory disease is treated with penicillin, the increasingly tüdőfű unjustly forgotten, and the tüdőfű assist any disease of the airways. In the past farmers used the tüdőfüvet cattle, horses and sheep, even when cold, so that tüdőfüvet powder blended with animal feed or drinking water.

The tüdőfűnek not only have a role in healing. The tőlevélrózsa young leaves can also be used mixed with salads and soup or stew can be made from it. Some also use the alcohol beverage industry to flavor vermouth.


The eye-catching lungwort


The tüdőfű ask your doctor for medical application, the task of accurate diagnosis of a qualified physician!